Meet Us

Our Story

Dr Hendrik Viljoen decided to start CellGro Technologies to bring a valuable technology to market. The technology bears an analogy to the transistor – it enables a significant reduction in the footprint of cell manufacture, and multiple functions (i.e., cell manipulations), can be integrated into a single processing unit. We believe that this technology will be crucial to allow researchers and medical personnel to grow enough cells in a footprint that is economical. Whether you need cells for a stem cell treatment, to grow organs, to obtain proteins or other byproducts, etc., AlgTubes will allow for the expansion of cells to fit your needs.

Our Team

Hendrik Viljoen, Ph.D

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer 

Erika Van Wyk, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Jack Rauch

Chief Engineer

Emily Francis

Biomedical Engineer

Jack Heen

Legal Council